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Your Quick & Professional
Auto Service Centre

Kami memberikan pelayanan yang cepat, profesional dan bergaransi sesuai dengan komitmen kami.

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Mobile and Pickup
Delivery Service

Kami melayani perawatan dan perbaikan mobil dirumah maupun di kantor Anda, dan memberikan pelayanan GRATIS* antar jemput kendaraan yang akan diperbaiki.

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Free Tune Up/ Spooring for One Year

Hanya berlaku untuk 300 member periode Agustus 2015

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Have a question about your car? We give you the answers you need. Let's face it - cars can be complicated, but we can make them simple to understand and easy to maintain. That's why we've put together this online Quick Fix Auto Education Centre. We've assembled some fundamental information about many of the key areas of your car. Of course, it's not a full Quick Fix mechanic training manual. But our Auto Education Centre provides helpful information to make you more comfortable about your car’s maintenance and improve your knowledge of what to watch for and be aware of should a problem occur.

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Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reducing friction and wear. It also helps to cool the engine, while cleaning dirt and sludge deposits. But remember, engine oil breaks down with time and should be replaced at the correct oil change interval for best results. Rest assured, at Quick Fix we adhere to your car’s manufacturer's ensuring the right services for your car at the right time.

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Car trouble, usually due to neglected preventive maintenance, brings an abrupt end to vacation plans. The situation usually means more than just a repair bill. It can involve towing charges, lodging and possibly a rental car. This scenario usually can be avoided with a pre-vacation inspection performed by the vehicle owner or a qualified automotive technician..

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Welcome to Quick Fix Auto Service

We are a team of experienced professionals who will treat your car just right, in a welcoming atmosphere. You can relax and wait in the comfort of our waiting area which is equipped with free wifi Internet access (for your laptop or mobile phone) and a television while enjoying a cup of fresh coffee or milk. We service European, Japanese, and American automobiles, of all makes and models.

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15-23 of April 2014

QUICK FIX PEDULI @ACE HARDWARE Quick Fix bekerjasama dengan Ace Hardware mengadakan TUNEUP dan GENERAL CHECK GRATIS

13 of April, 2013

GELEGAR OLI BM1 Setiap ganti oli BM1 akan mendapatkan souvenir menarik. Promo hanya 1 hari saja. Don't miss it!!

17 & 24 of February, 2013

Tune Up Gratis di Graha Padma Quick Fix mengadakan Tune Up Gratis di perumahan Graha Padma Semarang pada tanggal 17 dan 24 Februari 2013.

19 of August, 2011

Tune Up GRATIS kerja sama dengan Suara Merdeka Selama Ramadan hingga Lebaran, pelanggan Suara Merdeka dapat menikmati cek general dan tune up mobil gratis di bengkel Quick Fix, Jl Anjasmoro Raya 50 Semarang. Pemilik Quick Fix Budi Sinaga, Kamis (18/8) menjelaskan, program kerja sama itu dibagi dua jenis. Pertama, cek general gratis meliputi rem, mesin, dan kelistrikan untuk semua merek dan khusus Senin dan Kamis, bengkel melayani tune up gratis untuk semua merek mobil.

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